Monday’s Motivating Word

GRATITUDE It seems cliché to say be grateful on the Monday before Thanksgiving. But for some reason this word keeps coming to my mind. Perhaps it is because as I head into the holiday season my eyes are more open to those around me who are less fortunate. I see how much I take for … Continue reading Monday’s Motivating Word

Reading and Ruminating – Krik?Krak!

Lately, I've had a lot of free time on my hands so I decided to volunteer at a local shelter for women. I thought it might be helpful if I taught a writing class, but the program didn't really lend itself to that type of thing.  I went to the volunteer orientation nonetheless. There were … Continue reading Reading and Ruminating – Krik?Krak!

Flip-Flop State of Mind

Two weeks ago, I was walking down the stairs into my backyard, slipped on an acorn, fell onto the pine straw, and rolled down the hill. When I finally stopped, one ankle was twisted behind me and the other one bent in front of me. I lay there thinking there is no way I’m going … Continue reading Flip-Flop State of Mind