Ten Women Writers Who Most Influenced My Work

Helensadornementsblog just started a series called, Ten Influential Women Who Have Influenced My Life and Inspired Me. The blog features a post about how each of the women on the list has played a part in how Helen makes daily decisions and lives her life. It reminded me of all women writers who have guided… Continue reading Ten Women Writers Who Most Influenced My Work

Motivating Word

Monday’s Motivating Word

CELEBRATE  Today would have been my grandmother’s 90th birthday. Growing, I always thought we had a special bond because our birthdays were only three days apart.  I would sit in the kitchen as a child and watch her cook. She made the best peach cobbler. It wasn’t pretty, but I’ve never tasted one better. When… Continue reading Monday’s Motivating Word

Motivating Word

Motivating Word

HOPE I haven’t been feeling very hopeful, lately. The submission/rejection dance has been quite discouraging. Though I try to find peace in the writing itself, I can’t ignore the yearning for validation that haunts me every time I sit at my computer. Saturday afternoon I was in the midst of a pretty big pity-party when… Continue reading Motivating Word

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More Writing Tips from Obedience Training

Maizy and I have faithfully been attending obedience training every Friday morning for the last two weeks.  The morning starts off with socialization and playtime. The dogs and owners gather in this beautiful fenced yard. The idea is to give the dogs an opportunity to burn off energy before they go into the structure of… Continue reading More Writing Tips from Obedience Training