Ten Women Writers Who Most Influenced My Work

Helensadornementsblog just started a series called, Ten Influential Women Who Have Influenced My Life and Inspired Me. The blog features a post about how each of the women on the list has played a part in how Helen makes daily decisions and lives her life. It reminded me of all women writers who have guided me throughout my journey as a writer. But the following ten women have had the most powerful impact:

Natalie Goldberg

Anne Lamott

Anna Quindlen

Kate Chopin

Bebe Moore Campbell

Dorothy West

Judy Blume

Virginia Woolf

Joyce Carol Oates

Sylvia Path

I’ve read several books by each. Though the themes and styles vary, they all write about the complexity of life as a woman and/or writer. I’ve learned much from their work. I owe every woman on the list a ton of gratitude.

My plan is to celebrate these women by writing a post about each one, including a brief biography, overview of the works I’ve read, and a lesson I’ve learned about writing. I also hope to throw in a favorite quotes and/or scenes.

I’m really looking forward to this series. I hope you’ll share who has influenced your work along the way.

3 thoughts on “Ten Women Writers Who Most Influenced My Work

  1. i’m looking forward to this! i’m unfamiliar with Bebe Moore Campbell, Anna Quindlen, and Dorothy West, but i do know quite a lot about Sylvia Plath, and i’m interested in the ways she has influenced you.

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