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Monday’s Motivating Word


Last night, my son asked why I stopped writing my blog. The question surprised me. I didn’t realize he read it regularly enough to know I hadn’t written anything in a few weeks. I have had this mental block since February when I went on an unexpected birthday trip to Charleston. I didn’t write my normal Monday post because I wanted to enjoy my vacation. Then the next week I had a trip to Chicago for AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs). I was too focused on networking with other writers to do any writing. And once I got back from Chicago, I headed off to Napa Valley with my husband. Who can write when there is wine to be tasted?

Through the course of all that traveling, I lost the energy needed to write the series on women writers. I no longer had the internal drive to get the work done. To be honest, I just didn’t care any more. It felt too much like a chore.  Then I received another rejection letter, and I wondered if it was even worth it to spend time writing at all. Thank God I have a friend from my writing group who won’t leave me alone. If it weren’t for her, I probably wouldn’t have written anything at all last month. I completely lost my momentum. I could spend the rest of this post speculating on why, but I doubt that would be very motivating.

Writing is kind of like exercising. When you’re in the flow, you don’t have to force yourself to go to the gym. You just go. There is something in your body pushing you forward, driving your behavior. You want to workout. Your body craves it. The movement feels good. You can’t imagine why you would ever stop. But then something happens. You miss a day because you’re tired, and then the next thing you know it has been two months since the last time you worked out. You have to build your momentum again. You have to push yourself in order to get back into the flow.

Well, that’s what this post is all about. I’m putting myself in motion. I’m rebuilding my writing momentum. It’s not easy. But the development of a process creates energy to drive our behavior. So today I worked out for an hour and now I’m at my desk, writing.

Where do you need to build momentum? What do you need to make happen?

12 thoughts on “Monday’s Motivating Word

  1. I like this Monday’s motivating word. Like your son, I missed your posts too. Getting my work space organized is what I need to make happen. I have discovered that organization is a surprisingly necessary part of being creative. I hate doing it though. Thanks for your motivation.

  2. Kim,

    Welcome back. I was wondering where you have been. Yes, you have an audience out here in cyberspace who reads your work and enjoys it. Nice post. We all gain and lose momentum. It is tough to keep out writing rolling.

    I enjoyed your comments, your honesty and your willpower to “get back in the game. I particularly like the line, “I’m putting myself in motion.”

    I recently wrote a post on the subject of momentum on my blog regarding how to use it to write a novel. Keep writing, Kim.

      1. It is called, “Novel Tips: How to Maintain Momentum.” It is found on the right hand column of the blog when you go to the actual blog.

  3. Where do I need momentum? Your posts are inspirational because it doesn’t just involve writing. I lost my momentum for my job. I lost it because I don’t like it. I only tolerate it because of the pay. I hate that I have limited myself to do something for the money. I think there is a word for that but I don’t want to digress.
    I am a believer of doing things that you want to do. Don’t be a slave to money. But reality is if you like the things you have or do, you must do the things to allow you to continue on. You’re at a place where that is not your issue. Continue on doing what makes you happpy. Continue to do what makes you feel fulfilled. When a rejection letter comes, hone your skill and do better. That means work harder, work longer, put your full passion into it. A rejection is not a NO. It’s a not right now. Hone your skill. Sharpen your saw (I threw up in my mouth from that cliche too) but it’s true. The more you do what you like, the better you become, and the more confident you become. Continue to write.

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