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Minerva Rising, an independent literary press, celebrates the creativity and wisdom in every woman. We publish thought-provoking fiction, non-fiction, photography, poetry and essays by women writers and artists. Minerva Rising has grown out of a love of literature and the knowledge that when women come together, we flourish. Just as the Goddess Minerva represented creativity, wisdom, medicine, commerce, arts and education, so does our journal provide the opportunity for and the evidence of that bounty.

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The Keeping Room – Minerva Rising Blog

The concept of a keeping room dates back to the late eighteenth century when families slept in the space just off the kitchen because the hearth kept them warm. Today this space has morphed into what we now call the family room. Families gather to hang out with one another or to watch television. Recently, some home designers have started to include a keeping room, separate from the family room, as an extension of the kitchen.  It’s a decorating nightmare – not very big, and still a part of the kitchen. But the purpose is to bring the family back to the kitchen conversations of the past. The warmth of the hearth offers protection from the outside world, making it safe to explore new possibilities and ideas. You see it all the time at house parties. Everyone ends up standing around in the kitchen. People feel safe to talk about what really matters. As a part of Minerva Rising, The Keeping Room is a casual forum to gather as women to share our stories. Our posts will relate to our current journal theme, but our goal is talk about how we are making it through our lives.


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