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Shopping and Sunsets

Every trip I take has to include roaming through stories looking for my two favorite things -- purses and shoes. I decided to get my shopping out of the way, today. I took the Metro down to the city center. There was a tiny part of me felt nervous because of the language difference even… Continue reading Shopping and Sunsets

The Writing Life · Travel

Travel Log as Writing Practice

Whenever I take a big trip, I vow to write down my observations, discoveries, and thoughts so that I can remember the nuances of the place I’m visiting. The first few days I feverish write in my journal about what I saw, the food I ate and my overall impressions. My intention is to use… Continue reading Travel Log as Writing Practice

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Stop Worrying About Family

One of my biggest struggles as a writer is perception — what will people think of me and my writing. And the people I worry the most about aren’t my husband and children. They see my writing as a part of who I am. They aren’t surprised to see themselves in my essays or stories.… Continue reading Stop Worrying About Family

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How to Start Your Writing Project

You decided to write a book. The ideas were there, but disappeared the moment you opened a new Word document. Now the only thing standing in the way of you being the next New York Times bestseller author is actually start your writing project. What to do? Turn off the computer and return to talking… Continue reading How to Start Your Writing Project

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Why You Should Be Writing

This past weekend my husband and I spent the day in St. Petersburg. We had lunch at this really cool restaurant called The Library, which by the way was built by his company. We toured another one of his projects under construction, before heading to the Chihuly Museum. To say the glass was breathtaking would be… Continue reading Why You Should Be Writing

The Writing Process

Five Easy Steps to Write Fearlessly

What’s the biggest obstacle to writing?  The writer.  Sitting down to write often means coming face to face with our doubts and fears. I’m not a real writer. I don’t know enough. How can I possibly say anything that hasn’t been said better by the experts? What if I get it wrong? Does my idea even… Continue reading Five Easy Steps to Write Fearlessly

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Time to Edit My Netflix Rules

I finished Girlfriends Guide to Divorce on Netflix last night. I choose it because I’m a sucker for the four-girlfriends-figuring-out-life-over-wine theme, and more importantly, it fit my two-plus seasons Netflix rule.  I’m not quite sure why I stuck with it. I hated the gratuitous sex, and more importantly, the narcissistic, judgmental, and all-around annoying main… Continue reading Time to Edit My Netflix Rules

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Back to Blogging

I’m blogging again.  It’s been a while. I could list a multitude of excuses as to why, but that would serve no real purpose other than to make me feel better. So I’ll spare you. Since my last blog, I relocated from Atlanta to Tampa. My transition included two apartments, one townhouse, six offers to… Continue reading Back to Blogging

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Vacation Blues

I’ve got the back-from-vacation blues. Even after being home for a week, all I want to do is go back to the beach. Life is great at the beach. No responsibilities. Very little clothing. Quiet waves rolling in and out. Throw in a cocktail and good book, and it’s just about perfect. Why would anyone… Continue reading Vacation Blues

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How are you, really?

How are you? No, really. How. Are. You? Not a simple question to answer, especially when it is asked in passing as a pleasantry rather than a real inquiry. Generally, our response ranges from good to well, demanding on where we reside on the grammar scale – by the way, Grammar Girl states it’s okay… Continue reading How are you, really?