A Bit of Italian Magic

My family and I recently took a trip to Italy. My husband and I visited Rome, Florence, and the Amalfi coast for our twenty-fifth anniversary. We thought it would be cool if we went back with our children and their partners. 

Before the trip, we watched Stanley Tucci’s Searching for Italy and Bobby and Giada Live La Dolce Vita in Italy to get in the mood. I also watched a few Youtube videos on street photography. It was quite helpful because we knew what foods we wanted to look for, and I planned what I wanted to photograph. 

I’ve always been interested in street photography but have worried about what people would think of me taking pictures of them. And what I discovered is that it isn’t about taking pictures of specific people but capturing a scene. An example of this is the photo I took in Florence of people with their phones photographing the David.

I tried to capture a bit of the magic of Italy. Also, pop over to my daughter’s food blog @kesleyeats on Instagram for a sampling of what we ate while we were there. 

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