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How to Calm the Raging Torrent

The last few weeks have been strange and unsettling as we hang in the interval between what has happened and what might happen. We worry about how closely the virus will come to us and the people we love. We do what we can — wash our hands and keep our distance — but that… Continue reading How to Calm the Raging Torrent

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Rioja Day Three

Our first stop today was to the Bodega de Artadi. Three of their wines are in Robert Parker's top five Riojas. We didn't have an appointment. But according to Google, it was open. Two trees marked each space in the parking lot. There was just enough room for a European sized car. Most American cars… Continue reading Rioja Day Three

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Rioja Day Two

Having learned our lesson yesterday, we started a bit earlier today. The plan was to visit a few wineries and then have lunch. We had to be back at our hotel by 4:00 PM for a scheduled tour of the Marques de Riscal winery on the grounds. We drove out to Haro, where there are… Continue reading Rioja Day Two

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Rioja Day One

At breakfast, I told our server we were planning to visit the town of Elciego. She informed me that we would be able to circle the entire town twice in twenty minutes. So, we stopped at the front desk to ask the concierge for advice on how to spend the day. She recommended we visit… Continue reading Rioja Day One

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Travel Day Mishaps

Nothing makes you feel more American than dragging a heavy carry-on through a European airport. Everyone else moves faster through the corridors with bags half the size. Such was the case for Michael and me as we maneuvered our way to the gate at Zurich airport. We were fortunate that Swiss Air didn’t make us… Continue reading Travel Day Mishaps

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A Day in Zurich Part I

Today we traveled from Lausanne to Zürich. We walked from our hotel to the metro and headed to the central train station. We arrived just in time to hop on our train. The ride was more scenic than the one to Lausanne because we selected a route that went along the lake. I’m such a… Continue reading A Day in Zurich Part I

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Crepes and Photography by the Lake

02_08_2020 When we travel through Europe, we're tempted to pack as much as possible into each day. We don't want to miss anything. But staying in the same city for an extended time allows us to experience the place. That's what I did today. First, I headed back to the Creperie d'ouchy -- a little… Continue reading Crepes and Photography by the Lake

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A Day of Rest

02_07_2020 Today I stayed in because I felt run down and tired. Also, my ankle was throbbing. I twisted it the Saturday before I left Tampa. Walking 6.9 miles and climbing the equivalent of nine flights of stairs the day before in Montreux didn't help. While it felt as if I was missing out, I… Continue reading A Day of Rest

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Accidental Trip to Montreux

The plan for today was to hop on the train and visit Lavaux, an area known for its wine. The woman at the tourism center told me that it would be a beautiful walk through the vineyards. I pictured quaint cottages sprinkled along the trail where you could stop at the winery and taste wine… Continue reading Accidental Trip to Montreux

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Spa Day

Today started cold and rainy. I grabbed an umbrella and headed to my appointment at the Royal Savoy Hotel for a massage. The hotel was only two metro stops away, so there was no danger of any mix-ups like yesterday. Across the street from The Royal Savoy Hotel was a cute little church that looked… Continue reading Spa Day