Covid Cooking

I love to cook. Not in the mom-what’s-for dinner way, but with flavorful and colorful ingredients, a chef’s knife and beautiful plating. So, a few weeks into the quarantine when my usually menu got boring, I decided to have a little fun. 

I’d prop my iPad up on the counter and turn on Chopped or Supermarket Stakeout while I created dishes from ingredients in my own kitchen. In full disclosure, I already had an idea what I wanted to cook, but each meal was an experiment of sorts.

One of my favorite creations was my cilantro-lime pork belly and chicken rice bowl. I got the idea from Bartaco’s glazed pork belly rice bowl.  But what I loved the most about cooking in this season of staying at home was that I got to eat great food without worrying about any hidden gluten or dairy. 

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