When we travel through Europe, we’re tempted to pack as much as possible into each day. We don’t want to miss anything. But staying in the same city for an extended time allows us to experience the place. That’s what I did today.

First, I headed back to the Creperie d’ouchy — a little local restaurant across the street from Lake Geneva. Michael and I had dinner there our first night in Lausanne. They make two types of crepes: salted crepes that are 100% gluten-free and sweet crepes that aren’t. My stomach wasn’t feeling all that great. So, I thought it would be best to avoid gluten, at least at lunch. The salted crepes are made with buckwheat flour. I don’t understand exactly how that makes them gluten-free. I will have to look into that more carefully when I get back to the States.

There was a little boutique with bags and jewelry on the corner a few doors down from the Creperie. It wasn’t open when I walked by Saturday. I popped inside. They make these cotton tote bags that I couldn’t resist. I also bought a beautiful handmade beaded bracelet as well as a gift for my daughter. I can’t tell you what it is because she reads the blog, but I’m sure she’ll love it.

The creperie had several people sitting at outside tables drinking coffee and eating. They seemed to want to take advantage of the warmer weather and the sunshine. However, my I-now-live-in-Florida-bones opted for a table inside close to the window. After the first few times the server walked in and out of the door, I considered moving further back into the restaurant.

I ordered a cup of rose hip tea and a salted crepe with mushrooms and cheese. I felt very much like a local.

After lunch, I set off to see the Thailand Temple one of the women at the front desk suggested. I stopped along the way to take more pictures of the Alps and the lake. I was struck by the number of people out strolling with their dogs and children. A few women were sitting on benches reading. It made me wish I had brought my book.

As I passed the Olympic museum, I contemplated walking through the sculpture garden again. It had been raining before. But I was anxious to see the temple.

When the temple came into view, it looked out of place. It was on top of a hill with a playground on one side and an open field on the other. It hardly seemed worth the effort to cross the street. I choose instead to continue walking along the lake path. I took several great pictures of the Alps and the lake.

On my way back, I thought I should at least walk over to the temple. A woman was sitting on the steps of the temple looking at her phone. Her dog was running back and forth. Then he brought her what looked like a tree branch. It was unclear where he found it, but he was so excited. She said something to him and waved him away. I stood there and watched as he tried to get her to play. All that to say, the temple was kind of a bust.

I walked about four miles along the lake, just enjoying the sunshine. There was a part of me that wondered if I squandered my time by not going back to the city to see more sights. But I had a fabulous time taking pictures. I even got a few great shots of a swan. The lakes in Europe always seem to have swans.

When I got back to the hotel, I noticed that a few people at the bar enjoying an ice cream sundae. I figured why not and ordered a chocolate banana sundae. I relaxed there with my book until it was time to meet Michael for dinner.

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