Finding Beauty during the Quarantine

The state of Florida had opened up restaurants, but my husband and I still felt leery about going out. We talked about going to the beach for a sunset picnic. We would take our little Shih Tzu since dogs were allowed on that part of the beach. The plan would get us out of the house and still provide social distance from other people. But later that afternoon, it stormed.  I no longer wanted to go, but my husband persisted, packing a couple of chairs and some leftovers. I was in a rotten mood and didn’t want to go even though the rain had stopped. But I acquiesced and grabbed my camera.   

We went to Honeymoon Island State Park, about thirty minutes from our house.  To our surprise, even though the sun had returned, the parking lot was nearly empty, with only two or three cars.  We had the entire beach to ourselves. We enjoyed a romantic dinner all alone as we watched the sunset.   

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