To engage in a contest, fight or competition

 To summon to action or effort; stimulate

It’s been hard to get back into the swing of things. That’s why you’re getting Monday’s Motivating word so much later than usual. December sucked the life out of me. I had high hopes for the New Year, but as of today I’ve already flubbed three of my New Year goals. Part of me (though admittedly a tiny part) believes that New Year aspirations are possible, but it takes resolve, commitment, and action. And nothing stimulates action like a healthy challenge.  Kind of like when you’re in your car and someone tries to cut you off. Something takes over and the next thing you know you’re pressing your foot down on the accelerator. You want victory over that other car.  Or is that just me?
Well, anyway – the point is we need a challenge to summon that same I-gotta-win drive.  For example White Peach Blog posted a 30 Day Photography Challenge to take a new photograph for thirty days.  Simple enough, right?  If you accept the challenge, you engage in the process because you want to be able to say you won.
Challenges move you toward your goal.  And if you make it public, you’ll feel more accountable. So here are two of my personal writing challenges.

  1. Post three times a week to my blog for the next thirty days. Yikes! I’m putting it out there, so hold me accountable.
  2. Write for an hour a day for the next thirty days.

It would be cool if other bloggers and writers joined me.  We could share our progress and our struggle. Or maybe you have an idea for a challenge? Post it here.

By the way, I’m also doing the 30 Day Photography Challenge for fun.  Here is the first day picture:

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