Facebook Addiction

Rule number three of the December writing challenge was no interaction on any social media –– Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc until the blog was done.  The first few days felt like being on a diet. All I wanted to do was check my news feed and scroll through pictures on Instagram. I felt disconnected from the… Continue reading Facebook Addiction

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The struggle is real.

Yesterday, while going through the bookshelves in my office, I came across a Mediations For WOMEN Who Do Too Much Journal. It was one of those journals that places a word and a quote prompt on the top of each page. There didn’t seem to be any reason to keep it since I’d only written… Continue reading The struggle is real.

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Writing the Truth

Today is the fifteen month anniversary of my son’s death. It doesn’t quite feel as devastating as it used to, but I still mark the date in my mind as I did during the first two years of his life. Everything is still fresh enough to consciously distinguish the specific amount of time with him… Continue reading Writing the Truth


Not The Same Ole Christmas Letter

Every year around this time I start to feel a little edgy. The continuous Christmas music and the retail push to get the perfect gift begin to grate on my nerves. And there is a low laying fear that I won’t get all the gifts bought, the cookies baked, the family Christmas letter written and the… Continue reading Not The Same Ole Christmas Letter

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10 Gift Ideas for Writers

My favorite part of December magazines is the gift guides. I grabbed a copy of Real Simple and Oprah Magazine hoping to find the perfect gift for the people on my list. I didn’t see anything in either or them that I wanted to have or to give. The stuff was too showy or just… Continue reading 10 Gift Ideas for Writers

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The Quiet Desperation of Suburban Living

I was tempted to jump on the holiday bandwagon and make this blog about Christmas, but I just finished Freedom by Jonathan Franzen and had to write about it. I probably would not have read the novel if a friend from my writing group hadn’t recommended. She thought it might be useful to my writing,… Continue reading The Quiet Desperation of Suburban Living


The Power of Sharing

Finding the right balance between humor and appropriateness is a challenge in morning radio, especially when driving my fifteen-year-old daughter to school. I really enjoy listening to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, but sometimes their conversation gets too graphic. So the other day I quickly changed it to my other regular morning show, Tom… Continue reading The Power of Sharing