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Travel Log as Writing Practice

Whenever I take a big trip, I vow to write down my observations, discoveries, and thoughts so that I can remember the nuances of the place I’m visiting. The first few days I feverish write in my journal about what I saw, the food I ate and my overall impressions. My intention is to use… Continue reading Travel Log as Writing Practice

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Stop Worrying About Family

One of my biggest struggles as a writer is perception — what will people think of me and my writing. And the people I worry the most about aren’t my husband and children. They see my writing as a part of who I am. They aren’t surprised to see themselves in my essays or stories.… Continue reading Stop Worrying About Family

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Why You Should Be Writing

This past weekend my husband and I spent the day in St. Petersburg. We had lunch at this really cool restaurant called The Library, which by the way was built by his company. We toured another one of his projects under construction, before heading to the Chihuly Museum. To say the glass was breathtaking would be… Continue reading Why You Should Be Writing

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Back to Blogging

I’m blogging again.  It’s been a while. I could list a multitude of excuses as to why, but that would serve no real purpose other than to make me feel better. So I’ll spare you. Since my last blog, I relocated from Atlanta to Tampa. My transition included two apartments, one townhouse, six offers to… Continue reading Back to Blogging

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Why you may need to implode your story

One perk of being married to someone in construction management is getting to witness the different phases of building a building. I have been to ground breakings, looked down gigantic holes at poured footings and walked through completed buildings noting unfinished punch-list items before the final walk-through.  All the while learning  the lingo and gaining… Continue reading Why you may need to implode your story

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The Ultimate Writing Challenge.

Always we begin again  – St Benedict I received a rejection in my email yesterday. It was particularly difficult because a few days before Christmas I had a telephone conversation with the editor of the press where she told me how much she wanted to see my book in the world. We talked briefly about… Continue reading The Ultimate Writing Challenge.

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Five Last-minute Gift Ideas for Writers

Today I’m venturing into the belly of the beast to start Christmas shopping. Though I generally enjoy going to the mall, the crowds this year have been a bit much. People honking in the parking lot because someone is waiting for a parking space. Long lines. Poor climate control. It’s been in the seventies here… Continue reading Five Last-minute Gift Ideas for Writers

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Living Your Personal Legend

They were looking only for gold,” his companion answered. “They were seeking the treasure of their Personal Legend, without wanting actually to live out the Personal Legend. Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist While reading The Alchemist, I felt my quest to be a published author was akin to Santiago’s quest for the buried treasure. He believed… Continue reading Living Your Personal Legend

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The struggle is real.

Yesterday, while going through the bookshelves in my office, I came across a Mediations For WOMEN Who Do Too Much Journal. It was one of those journals that places a word and a quote prompt on the top of each page. There didn’t seem to be any reason to keep it since I’d only written… Continue reading The struggle is real.

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Writing the Truth

Today is the fifteen month anniversary of my son’s death. It doesn’t quite feel as devastating as it used to, but I still mark the date in my mind as I did during the first two years of his life. Everything is still fresh enough to consciously distinguish the specific amount of time with him… Continue reading Writing the Truth