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Reading is Fundmental

Sometimes the hardest thing about writing is getting started. First, you fight the internal battle to sit your bum in the chair. Once you actually sit, you have to figure out what to write. Then there’s the issue of having an idea in your head only to forget it the moment you open a document… Continue reading Reading is Fundmental

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The Next Big Thing: Cora’s Kitchen

Isla McKetta, author of the forthcoming Murmurs of the River, tagged me to interview myself in The Next Big Thing blog chain. Isla is a novelist and book reviewer with the most infectious smile. She is on the board of Hugo House in Seattle, Washington. Not only is Isla a beloved friend, but she has consistently encouraged me to be true… Continue reading The Next Big Thing: Cora’s Kitchen

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Getting Back to It

I’ve been out of the loop of writing this blog. I don’t actually have any particular excuse for stopping. It’s sort of like exercising. One day of not working out becomes two days and the next thing you know you haven’t been to the gym in four months. And though I didn't gain any weight, my writing… Continue reading Getting Back to It

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It Takes a Group to Raise a Writer

Last night I attended my monthly writing group, but I didn’t enjoy it. To be honest, my head wasn’t in the game. I’m still recuperating from my trip to the west coast last weekend. All I really wanted to do was curl up in a chair with a book and a glass of wine. But… Continue reading It Takes a Group to Raise a Writer

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This is not Bobby’s World

When my boys were little, they watched this cartoon called Bobby's World . The show was about a four year old little boy named Bobby Generic, who had an overactive imagination. I'm pretty sure I liked the show more then either of my sons did. I loved how the mother used to say, "Don't cha… Continue reading This is not Bobby’s World

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Back to School Blues

School is back in, which usually means it's time to get back into a productive routine. But for the first time in eighteen years, I don't have to take anyone to school. My daughter is a junior in high school and drives herself. So consequently, the beginning of the school year doesn't mean I have… Continue reading Back to School Blues

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My Little Secret

I've been keeping a secret from the followers of this blog. I'm not quite sure why I haven't written about it before. Nonetheless, here it is. I started a literary magazine designed to celebrate the creativity and wisdom in every woman. It's called Minerva Rising. The idea came to me in January while I was… Continue reading My Little Secret

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Five Ways to Refresh Your Writing

Nothing kills creativity like being stuck in a writing rut. Circling around the same old tired topics make writing flat and uninspiring. And if you’re like me, you find yourself avoiding your writing time. The kitchen has to be cleaned. The dogs fed. Facebook checked. But there are five ways you can breath new life… Continue reading Five Ways to Refresh Your Writing

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This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the past. It tends to happen when a loved one dies. Conversations and experiences resurfaced in such vivid details that the writer in me wanted to sit down and mine those memories for material for my writing. But I couldn’t. There were too many other things going… Continue reading Memories

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Writing on the go

I'm on my way to New York to watch my daughter's chorus perform at Carnegie Hall. So I'm writing this post from 38,000 feet. I figured it would be a good use of my flight time. I usually write in my office with all my writerly things around me. It puts me in the mood.… Continue reading Writing on the go