The Story Only You Can Tell

Two weeks from today I will hop on an Airbus A340-600 and head across the pond. First stop London. I will finally see my daughter, who I haven’t seen since the beginning of January. And after a quick three-day tour of London, my family and I will begin our five country, fourteen-day tour. A bit … Continue reading The Story Only You Can Tell

Why you may need to implode your story

One perk of being married to someone in construction management is getting to witness the different phases of building a building. I have been to ground breakings, looked down gigantic holes at poured footings and walked through completed buildings noting unfinished punch-list items before the final walk-through.  All the while learning  the lingo and gaining … Continue reading Why you may need to implode your story

Why Am I Procrastinating?

It’s been four weeks since I posted a blog. I could go into a long explanation about how busy I’ve been. As executive editor of Minerva Rising Press, I had to prepare for the 2017  AWP Conference, finalize the latest Minerva Rising issue – Fathers, and manage day-to-day operations. All necessary activities, but none require day and … Continue reading Why Am I Procrastinating?

5 Strategies to Overcome Writer’s Block

Imagine this scene . . . It’s ten in the morning. A woman sits at her desk with a cup of tea. She turns on her computer and opens a Word document.  With fingers hovering over the keyboard, she ponders what to type. Just an hour or so earlier all sorts of idea floated through … Continue reading 5 Strategies to Overcome Writer’s Block

Writing and the Procrastinator – Part One

One of the biggest problems I have with writing is staying put in the chair. Whenever I’m sitting in the chair to write, I want to run. Anything and everything is a void excuse to get up and do something else. And if I make myself stay there, then my back or my neck starts to … Continue reading Writing and the Procrastinator – Part One

Twenty-two days and counting 

Day 22.  I count the days much like I did when I quit smoking. Three days since my last cigarette. Ten days since my last cigarette. Twenty-two days since my last cigarette.  Counting reminded me of how far I had come. It helped strengthen my willpower when I wanted to quit. Did really I want … Continue reading Twenty-two days and counting 

Seven days and counting . . .

Today is the seventh day of my December blogging challenge. Though I should be celebrating a small victory, I’m worried about what lies ahead. The next twenty-four days tend to be the busiest of the entire year. How do I complete everything on my to do list, write a blog and still have time for fun? … Continue reading Seven days and counting . . .

Five Tips for Writing on the Fly

"Do you home work first, " was my mother's constant refrain.  As a child it annoyed me, but I obeyed. However, the older I get, the further I move away from that sage advice. My rationale being that I work better under pressure. A fancy way of saying I'm a procrastinator.  After posting my blog … Continue reading Five Tips for Writing on the Fly

My Writing Process Blog Tour

I’ve been tagged in the My Writing Process Blog Tour by Patricia Grace King. Check out what Patricia’s been up to at The blog is a relay that involves answering four question and then naming the authors who will follow. So here we go;  What am I working on? I’m on the third revision … Continue reading My Writing Process Blog Tour