Three Things I Learned From Writing Every Day

It’s December 31st and I have successfully completed the December Writing Challenge. I have blogged every day for this month. Although there were a few days that I didn’t meet the word count or the posting time, I did meet the goal of writing every day. And through the process I have learned three valuable… Continue reading Three Things I Learned From Writing Every Day

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Setting an Intention for the New Year

Often at the beginning of yoga the teacher will talk to students about setting an intention for their practice. This is designed to help students focus their awareness and attention on a quality or virtue they want to cultivate on the mat. The thought is that by incorporating a specific quality or virtue into your practice,… Continue reading Setting an Intention for the New Year

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Trusting God

I’m struggling today to come up with a topic to write about. I thought I’d go back to procrastinating but that doesn’t really interest me. My thoughts are split between planning for the New Year and reflecting on this year. It’s been a tough year. That goes without saying. Experiencing all the painful “first” while still… Continue reading Trusting God

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Writing and the Procrastinator – Part One

One of the biggest problems I have with writing is staying put in the chair. Whenever I’m sitting in the chair to write, I want to run. Anything and everything is a void excuse to get up and do something else. And if I make myself stay there, then my back or my neck starts to… Continue reading Writing and the Procrastinator – Part One

December Writing Challenge · Grieving

Remebering His Birth Day

Today is my son's birthday. He would have been twenty-seven years old. And for some reason I keep replaying the intricate details of his birth in my mind. I spent the evening of the 26th watching Yentl on VHS with my husband and sister. We had to pause every three to five minutes for my… Continue reading Remebering His Birth Day

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Boxing Day Hike

Today is Boxing Day, a holiday celebrated in Great Britain and most countries that were settled by the English except the United States. Some historians believe it started back in the Middle Age when the servants who had to work on Christmas Day took the next day off. As the servants left to visit their… Continue reading Boxing Day Hike

December Writing Challenge

Merry Christmas 

It's Christmas morning and I'm waiting for my kids to wake up. It's crazy how things have changed. It used to be that my husband and I would have barely fallen asleep before they'd come barging into our room ready to open gifts. Now I'm the one who can't wait to see what's under the… Continue reading Merry Christmas 

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Christmas Eve Triggers

The last few days have been full of triggers. First, there was the photo that popped up on Facebook. Even though I see the same picture several times a day when I look at my phone, it hurt to see it paired with a post that I had written in that moment two years ago. … Continue reading Christmas Eve Triggers


My Imaginary Dinner Party

Today at lunch, a friend asked what three literary characters would I invite to a dinner party, and what would I serve. I took me a while to answer the question. Mostly because I tend to think more about the authors of novels than the characters. So it would have been easier to come up… Continue reading My Imaginary Dinner Party

December Writing Challenge · The Writing Process

Twenty-two days and counting 

Day 22.  I count the days much like I did when I quit smoking. Three days since my last cigarette. Ten days since my last cigarette. Twenty-two days since my last cigarette.  Counting reminded me of how far I had come. It helped strengthen my willpower when I wanted to quit. Did really I want… Continue reading Twenty-two days and counting