Three Things I Learned From Writing Every Day

It’s December 31st and I have successfully completed the December Writing Challenge. I have blogged every day for this month. Although there were a few days that I didn’t meet the word count or the posting time, I did meet the goal of writing every day. And through the process I have learned three valuable… Continue reading Three Things I Learned From Writing Every Day

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Setting an Intention for the New Year

Often at the beginning of yoga the teacher will talk to students about setting an intention for their practice. This is designed to help students focus their awareness and attention on a quality or virtue they want to cultivate on the mat. The thought is that by incorporating a specific quality or virtue into your practice,… Continue reading Setting an Intention for the New Year


My Imaginary Dinner Party

Today at lunch, a friend asked what three literary characters would I invite to a dinner party, and what would I serve. I took me a while to answer the question. Mostly because I tend to think more about the authors of novels than the characters. So it would have been easier to come up… Continue reading My Imaginary Dinner Party

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Grown-up Christmas List Part 2

I’d like to start my Christmas shopping, but don’t have any idea of what to buy anyone. I asked my kids to give me a list of what they want. My son said that’s too easy. Instead he suggested I think about what I would like him to have. The first time I asked my daughter… Continue reading Grown-up Christmas List Part 2


Happy Birthday, Frank!

Today is Frank Sinatra's 100th birthday. I've been looking forward to it all week, and I'm not quite sure why. Maybe it's because his music seems to chronicle the details of my life. "My Way" was one of my father's favorite songs. I can still see him behind the wheel of his black 1974 coupe de… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Frank!


Ode to Sunday Morning 

Dogs bark in unison. Body like lead. Room flooded with light. Eyes glued shut. I'm not quite sure this qualifies as a poem, but that's what I'm calling it. The  words capture the sentiment of how I felt this morning.  The blog is shorter than I'd like, but it's all I've got.   More tomorrow.… Continue reading Ode to Sunday Morning 


The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Inspiring and Money-saving

The one activity I love more than writing is shopping. So whenever I go to Manhattan, I rarely make it off of Fifth Avenue. Something about walking down that street with a bunch of bags in my hand really trips my trigger. But believe it or not, last Friday I decided to branch out. I… Continue reading The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Inspiring and Money-saving


The Danger of Silence

My morning started off promising. Last night I started to revise a chapter from a novel I wrote a few years ago. Words and ideas flowed like a well-fed spring. But instead of going back to what I was working on last night, I decided to check my email. I should have known my day… Continue reading The Danger of Silence