T.G.I. F.

It has been a hellish week! Nothing like Peanuts to bring a smile to your face. HAPPY FRIDAY  

Back to School Blues

School is back in, which usually means it’s time to get back into a productive routine. But for the first time in eighteen years, I don’t have to take anyone to school. My daughter is a junior in high school and drives herself. So consequently, the...

Five Ways to Refresh Your Writing

Nothing kills creativity like being stuck in a writing rut. Circling around the same old tired topics make writing flat and uninspiring. And if you’re like me, you find yourself avoiding your writing time. The kitchen has to be cleaned. The dogs fed. Facebook checked....

More Writing Tips from Obedience Training

Maizy and I have faithfully been attending obedience training every Friday morning for the last two weeks.  The morning starts off with socialization and playtime. The dogs and owners gather in this beautiful fenced yard. The idea is to give the dogs an opportunity to...

Writing Fuel

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