How are you, really?

How are you? No, really. How. Are. You? Not a simple question to answer, especially when it is asked in passing as a pleasantry rather than a real inquiry. Generally, our response ranges from good to well, demanding on where we reside on the grammar scale – by the way, Grammar Girl states it’s okay … Continue reading How are you, really?

Writing the Truth

Today is the fifteen month anniversary of my son’s death. It doesn’t quite feel as devastating as it used to, but I still mark the date in my mind as I did during the first two years of his life. Everything is still fresh enough to consciously distinguish the specific amount of time with him … Continue reading Writing the Truth

Chasing Waterfalls

Niagara Falls was my first. My family took an end-of-summer vacation there in 1974. I remember being excited about trip because my parents had gone for there for their honeymoon. I’m not sure exactly how much I understood about honeymoons at nine years old, but it seemed important. I wanted to stay in the same … Continue reading Chasing Waterfalls

Reading is Fundmental

Sometimes the hardest thing about writing is getting started. First, you fight the internal battle to sit your bum in the chair. Once you actually sit, you have to figure out what to write. Then there’s the issue of having an idea in your head only to forget it the moment you open a document … Continue reading Reading is Fundmental