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Grown-up Christmas List Part 2

I’d like to start my Christmas shopping, but don’t have any idea of what to buy anyone. I asked my kids to give me a list of what they want. My son said that’s too easy. Instead he suggested I think about what I would like him to have. The first time I asked my daughter… Continue reading Grown-up Christmas List Part 2


Not The Same Ole Christmas Letter

Every year around this time I start to feel a little edgy. The continuous Christmas music and the retail push to get the perfect gift begin to grate on my nerves. And there is a low laying fear that I won’t get all the gifts bought, the cookies baked, the family Christmas letter written and the… Continue reading Not The Same Ole Christmas Letter


Monday’s Motivating Word

GRATITUDE It seems cliché to say be grateful on the Monday before Thanksgiving. But for some reason this word keeps coming to my mind. Perhaps it is because as I head into the holiday season my eyes are more open to those around me who are less fortunate. I see how much I take for… Continue reading Monday’s Motivating Word